Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some more questions

Why would anyone in their right mind want the federal government to be in control of any type of insurance let alone something as important as what sort of health care will be allowed to you?

Why would you trust the federal government to have access to your most personal information?

If the federal government is so concerned that everyone has access to insurance (which will not be free) why not bail out social security and Medicare? Why not improve both of those programs? Why invent some super complicated new program that is over 1000 pages long?

How many people who are all goo goo gaga about this , have read the bill?

Why do you trust the government to have control over your very life? Look how the government has handled social security, medicare, gulf war syndrome for vets, FEMA, levees and bridges, the public school system, etc.... the government runs everything to the ground until its broken. The government takes your money to implement all their programs and places so many rules and regulations and red tape.... that's what the government does!

Never trust the government to have your interest in mind.

How many doctors are going into retirement should this pass? What sort of doctors are going to be okay with all this red tape and have less payment for all their troubles?

This is not Obama's BILL. He is merely the smooth-talking salesman for BIG interest conglomerates. He is one smooth talker too. He owes a lot of favors to the Old Money people who got him in this position. WE DO NOT NEED THE GOVERNMENT MANAGING OUR HEALTH INSURANCE!

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