Wednesday, January 6, 2010


In 1974, the PLO outlined their future goals, according to the Phased Plan.  The Phased Plan calls for Palestinians to create a state on any land that is given to them, and to use that land as a launching ground for attacks against Israel, with the end goal, to take over all of Israel.  For those who don't believe that this is true, or think it was never institutd, go the Palestinian Arab-controlled Jerusalem Media and Communications Centre, and scroll to the date 1974.


Political Programme

 Adopted at the 12th Session of the Palestinian National Council Cairo, June 9, 1974

Text of the Phased Plan resolution:
The Palestinian National Council:

On the basis of the Palestinian National Charter and the Political Programme drawn up at the eleventh session, held from January 6-12, 1973; and from its belief that it is impossible for a permanent and just peace to be established in the area unless our Palestinian people recover all their national rights and, first and foremost, their rights to return and to self-determination on the whole of the soil of their homeland; and in the light of a study of the new political circumstances that have come into existence in the period between the Council's last and present sessions, resolves the following:

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